Veg Bytes

Semi-Veggie or Transitional is a flexible term for people who are adopting a more plant-based diet. Ranges between the extremes of strict vegetarianism and a standard, meat-heavy diet.

Omnivores include both animals and plants in their diets.

Vegetarians avoid all animal flesh, whether it comes from cows, chicken, fish, etc.

Lacto Vegetarians skip the eggs but do include some dairy products on their plates.

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians eat both eggs & dairy products but avoid meat.

Vegans are the strictest vegetarians. They exclude eggs, dairy products, and essentially all foods derived from animals, such as honey and gelatin.

Ethical Vegans refuse all association with products that cause animal suffering. These include leather, silk, animal fat-based soaps, and film (which is processed with animal components).

Macrobiotics emphasize seasonal, locally-grown whole foods and generally avoid animal foods (with the occasional exception of white fish). However, many macrobiotics are also semi-vegetarians who do eat other meats occasionally.